obsession symphony

Ironstone Obsession Symphony 2012

Calaveras County - California


This wine is VERY unique! The varietal is actually called 'Obsession Symphony' which is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. This varietal was created at the University of California in 1948 by Dr. Harold Olmo. The nose on this wine is absolutely beautiful! It's full of tropical peach, pears and honeysuckle. It's creamy and luscious! I think this wine would go great with spicy foods like thai or indian curries. It's also available at BC Liquor Stores for $16.99! Like always, I suggest you confirm availability before going to the store. If you do try this wine, let me know your thoughts! Did you like it/hate it or just think it was ok? Have a fantastic weekend everyone!