Vancouver Internationl Wine Festival 2014

I'm not sure if I shared with you that I love champagne, but I do. So, at this years Vancouver International Wine Festival, I was so excited when I heard that France was the featured country! I knew that would mean there was going to be lots of great champagne for me to taste! And I did!

I essentially spent 3 days wandering around the French section of the tasting room drinking champagne (okay - I might be exaggerating a bit). If you are following my twitter and instagram you would have seen all my posts and little videos I featured while attending the festival. (Hint: check them out by clicking on the links provided in the previous sentence!) Shameless self promotion, I know but I am looking for more followers so you can't fault me for asking.

This video features two of the champagnes I tasted. Baron de Rothchild and Champagne Lanson. *Note: It was my first time doing little interviews on the spot at a tasting so forgive me if I didn't follow proper 'interviewing protocol' ;-) I've already forgiven myself because I had so much fun!

My next video posting is going to be from my trip to Mexico. Yes I was a little intoxicated. Yes, I was drinking at the pool bar. Yes, it's a lot of fun. Yes, I was wearing a bikini. Yes, I wish I was still in Mexico. Yes, you should come back to my website next week and watch it. :-)

Hope you are doing fabulous and drinking some amazing wine!



~ May the beauty you love be what you do ~


Vancouver Wine Club for Beginners - Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting

Earlier this month I attended the Vancouver Wine Club for Beginners Meet Up. It's held once a month at Sheraton Wall Centre and you can find out more information on the club here if you're interested in attending yourself. Each month they host a great little wine tasting that is fun, informal and not intimidating for those wanting to learn more about wine. I recommend checking it out for sure! 

This video is just some footage I took during the tasting as well as a little interview I did with Jay Whiteley, Assistant Wine Director, at Hawksworth Restaurant here in Vancouver. Take a peek for some quick and basic sparkling wine tips and fun footage! 

Thanks for watching and I hope you learnt some fun little tidbits on sparkling wine and champagne :-) 


Diary Entry #5 - Louis De Sacy - Champagne Seminar at Legacy Liquor

Ok, so I much prefer the video blogging format so it can be in the moment and I can really share with you what my experience was...but alas, I cannot do that all the time. So I'm going to attempt this writing thing without a video...

Tonight I went to a free champagne seminar at Legacy Liquor (which is just a private liquor store here in Vancouver). It was all Louis de Sacy Champagne and it was put on my Alain Sacy himself! He is from the 12 generation of this wine growing family from Champagne. The vineyard has been in the family since 1633!!! Wow how cool is THAT!!! I think if I was just born into a family who owned and operated a Grand Cru in Champagne since 1633, I wouldn't have to do anything further with my life. I would have already succeeded just for being born! Ok, back to the wine...

No first off I must point out that there is a difference between CHAMPAGNE and SPARKLING WINE. It's a pet peeve of mine when people refer to all sparkling wine as champagne....IT'S NOT!!! There is a major difference and if I was Champagne, I would be insulted if other sparkling wines were being called champagne and riding on my elegant coat tails without proper authorization! Only 8% of all sparkling wine is champagne. Champagne is from a specific region in France called...wait for it...yup you guessed it, the region is called 'CHAMPAGNE'. If it's got bubbles and not form that region - it's just good ol'sparkling wine, so lets NOT confuse the two. I'm going to do a "Wine 101" series of videos and go through lots of different basic wine facts/ I'll cover the differences between champagne and sparkling wine then. For now, back to tonights tasting...

I must say, I really enjoyed all of these champagnes so sorry if it sounds like I'm repeating myself on the reviews below...(I promise if I review a wine and I hate it, I will say so!!!)

Ok, first tasting was the Louis de Sacy Brut 'Original'...


This champagne is not Grand Cru, but it's delicious!!! On the nose there was a lot of fresh apple and a nice crispness to it. It was light, fresh and lively on the palate. It's 67% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay and 3% pinot meunier. I found this to be a well structured champagne which was friendly, inviting and had a nice long finish! I think this would appeal to a lot of champagne/wine lovers so if you see it, I would grab it and give it a try.


The second champagne tasted was Brut Grand Cru ($72.75 at Legacy Liquor)...

This one had an entirely different nose that the Original. This one had almost a buttery, cheddar, barnyard nose...if that makes sense! It was really good, you could smell the minirality in the wine (which is often what you would smell because there is a lot of chalk in the soil in the Champagne region). I didn't smell much fruit in this one even though the pamphlet says there is notes of red fruit and citrus. But hey, that's the great thing about wine tasting - we each have our own experiences and neither is right or wrong! This is a blend of 60% pinot noir, 5% pinot meunier and 35% chardonnay, thereof 10% aged in oak. The Grand Cru's are know for their extremely small/fine bubbles. When you drink it, you mouth tingles as it's lovely! I tasted a lot of minerals and stone in this champagne. So if that's more your style, check it out!


Third on the list was the Brut Grand Cru Rose ($82.75 at Legacy Liquor)...

This one is a nice 'elegant salmon' colour (as it's so lovely described on the little pamphlet)...but it's is an elegant salmon colour! This is a blend of 90% pinot noir with 10% pinot meunier. This wine you could smell more of the acidity in it. Which I'm guessing is due to the fact that there is some contact with the skins (which creates that 'elegant salmon' colour). This wine is a nice dry, full bodied rose. It had some nice light berry notes on the nose. I found this one to have an extremely long finish and I think it would carry well with a meal. Now I wouldn't say that for most champagnes because I find champagnes are just so good all on their own or with a few tapas! But if you wanted one with a meal...this is a GREAT option!






This is a picture of the Brut Grand Cru Rose. Check out those sexy bubbles baby!!! Can you see the 'elegant salmon' colour I was talking about?! Ya, I know, it's kind of hard with the table...I'll try and take better pictures next time :-)



The last champagne we tired was a vintage (2003) champagne called Grand Soir. 

This one had an amazing nose on it! You could smell the old oak barrels and there was almost a smokiness to it as well. It was that ultimate romantic smelling champagne that we all love (at least I that I love). Seriously though, smelling this wine was like falling in love. Ok, I know uber cheesy thing of me to say. But that's exactly how I felt when I smelt it. I think because it made me think of old oak barrels and how other batches of wine had aged in those same barrels from previous years...It was almost like you could smell the story and history in the glass (oh how I love this about wine!). And maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic...but ya, LOVED the nose on this one! This one is a blend of 60% pinot noir, 10% pinot meunier and 30% chardonnay. 20% of this vintage is matured in oak barrels for 5-6 months. This wine lingers nicely on the palate and is extremely elegant. You could taste the toastyness from the oak with some light flavours of apple. So lovely, just like falling in love should be!

This was such a great evening of tasting some most amazing champagne! If any of you see anything from Louis de Sacy, I say BUY IT! They also have a Cuvee Nue and a Cuvee Nue Rose which we didn't get to taste, but I'm sure are amazing too! They call these "Nue" because no extra sugars have been added, so they offer the nude simplicity. According to the little pamphlet they are characterized as, natural, voluptuous, delicate, fresh and genuine. The bottles themselves actually have no they are 'nude' too. I will definitely grab these if I see them on the shelf and I think you should too!

Thanks to Legacy Liquors for hosting such a great event and also thanks to Alain Sacy who flew all the way from France (obviously)! My friend and I had a GREAT night!!! I will definitely be checking out more of the events/tastings at Legacy Liquors!

OMG I almost forgot, there was also a wonderful man, Andre LeRoux, from the "Consul General of Canada" of the Confrerie du Sabre D'Or was there and he sabred (I don't know if I'm saying that correctly or not) some of the Champagne for us! It was cool as I had never seen that done in person before! I spoke to him after and he's going to teach me how to sabre too! So stay tuned for that video because there is NO WAY that I'm not going to record that!!! (Me with a sword!!! I will be returning to my Ninja roots and the real reason some people call me Shinobi!!)

Yayyy for awesome nights with Champagne! I hope you all buy a bottle of Louis de Sacy Champagne and have a wonderful champagne night (or even morning for that matter) yourself!! Let me know if you do! New years is coming up! It may be a good time for a bottle!