Wine review

Vancouver Internationl Wine Festival 2014

I'm not sure if I shared with you that I love champagne, but I do. So, at this years Vancouver International Wine Festival, I was so excited when I heard that France was the featured country! I knew that would mean there was going to be lots of great champagne for me to taste! And I did!

I essentially spent 3 days wandering around the French section of the tasting room drinking champagne (okay - I might be exaggerating a bit). If you are following my twitter and instagram you would have seen all my posts and little videos I featured while attending the festival. (Hint: check them out by clicking on the links provided in the previous sentence!) Shameless self promotion, I know but I am looking for more followers so you can't fault me for asking.

This video features two of the champagnes I tasted. Baron de Rothchild and Champagne Lanson. *Note: It was my first time doing little interviews on the spot at a tasting so forgive me if I didn't follow proper 'interviewing protocol' ;-) I've already forgiven myself because I had so much fun!

My next video posting is going to be from my trip to Mexico. Yes I was a little intoxicated. Yes, I was drinking at the pool bar. Yes, it's a lot of fun. Yes, I was wearing a bikini. Yes, I wish I was still in Mexico. Yes, you should come back to my website next week and watch it. :-)

Hope you are doing fabulous and drinking some amazing wine!



~ May the beauty you love be what you do ~


Diary Entry #38 - When "Leftovers" are a good thing...

It’s sure nice to be back in Vancouver! Back to sleeping in my own bed, home cooked meals and of course…partying with my friends again! In fact, I threw a birthday party for my boyfriend just this past weekend and my very awesome friends brought over more booze than they could drink, therefore, leaving some leftover wine for yours truly, me, to enjoy!

So because of my oh so generous and fabulous friends, I’ve decided to vlog some of the leftover wine from the party! We don’t want to anger the wine gods (they are real and not just a figment of my imagination), so this leftover wine must be consumed and not poured down the sink. And what do I often do when I drink wine at home….film it for all to see :-)

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Sending my love to all you beautiful people and may the beauty you love, be what you do <3