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2011 Carchelo ft. John from Marquis Wine Cellars

Here is a little video I did with John Clerides, owner of Marquis Wine Cellars here in Vancouver located at 1034 Davie St. We did a little tasting of the 2011 Carchelo. This is a spanish wine from Jumellia and is a blend of 40% Monastrell, 40% Tempranillo and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. It's an absolutely beautiful wine for only $20. It's full of structure, delicious red berries and has an elegant soft finish. It's a great wine to have with burgers or even just to pop open for that 5pm Wine o'Clock time ;-)

If you haven't been to Marquis lately, John recently finished an extensive renovation on the store and it looks great and is over twice the size it was before! So if you haven't been since the reno's, it's worth going now  to check out! He has his wine organized by country - a pretty standard practice for wine stores these days, but he also takes it a step further and organizes it by different categories. For example, if you're picking up some take out, he has a section dedicated to 'take out food'. Or if you are having a date night, there is a section for that. As well as, Best of BC, wines to pair with seafood, chicken/beef and even earth friendly wines. There is even sections for different styles of wines, like, juicy reds, soft reds, crisp whites, full bodied whites, etc. I LOVE this idea for organizing a wine store. It makes it so easy for picking the perfect wine for any occasion. So instead of 'winging it' (so to speak), he's already gone ahead and and made wine pairing easy in hopes to make your experience that much better.  

I know I sound like a total commercial for Marquis Wine Cellars, but I assure you, I'm not being paid for this post and I honestly think it's a fabulous wine store. So check it out if you're in the area. I'm guessing you'll be impressed by this store as well!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video! 


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My new PUPPY & Harris Estate Vineyards 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon

Introducing…. OLIVE!!! Yes, that’s right, we got a puppy and I wanted to introduce her to all of you!  Ok, she’s a not quite a puppy as the vet thinks she is roughly 1.5 – 2 years old but she’s just as adorable as a puppy. She is a rescue doggy all the way from Los Angeles, California. We have had her for a few weeks now and she is the most amazing dog ever. We are currently her foster parents through West Coast Cocker Rescue (WCCR) as we are awaiting eye surgery for her. Then we can finalize the adoption after that. Our little lady has really bad cataracts in both of her eyes. Poor thing! She bumps into stuff all the time :-( WCCR is going to be starting a fundraising campaign as her surgery to regain her sight is going to be $5000! I’ll keep you posted on that once everything has been organized!

So, now that introductions are out of the way, time for wine!!! 

The wine featured in this video is Harris Estate Vineyards 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon from Treva’s Vineyard. This is labeled VSR, which stands for Very Special Reserve. The reason this vintage is so special is because it’s the very FIRST vintage this winery has ever had! The owners, Mike and Treva Harris bought the land back in 1997. It was an old run down private boys school and needed some major repairs. They fell in love with the old Victorian cottage that was on the property and thought it would be a suitable place for their grandkids. Being in Napa Valley and that they were surrounded by wineries, many people told them to plant grapes and make wine. Finally, they gave in and had the soil tested. Turns out that the soil on their land was exceptional and perfect for planting vines. So they did. They figured, at the very least, they could just sell the grapes to wineries. Paul Hobbs’, a famous wine maker from Napa Valley helped them determine which grapes to plant and Mike Black planted them for the Harris’. In 2001, Paul Hobbs’ bought their first harvest of grapes they turned out so well. So, they took this as a good sign and in 2002, they decided to produce their own wine. This bottle I’m sharing with you today, is one of them! There were only about 250 cases produced from that vintage, so it was a very small amount and I feel very privileged to be able to enjoy a bottle. Now Harris Estate Vineyards produce around 1000 cases a year. So they are still quite a small/boutique winery.

Being that this wine is from 2002, the color of it is more of a rusty/orange/burnt red hue to it rather than a bright cherry red. This is a good way of telling the age of wine (so keep this tidbit of information in your back pocket next time you’re trying to impress your date!). This wine is absolutely decadent! It’s got full ripe prunes and raisin qualities and the fruit just lingers on the palate. Robert Parker actually scored this bottle of wine a whopping 94 points and said it was stunning. I would have to agree with him. It is an amazing bottle of wine. And quite impressive that this is their first vintage! I really want to try more of their wines! 

Thanks so much for watching this video and please let know what you think of it! I’m always welcoming feedback so I can improve and make my videos better and better. Please follow my twitter and instagram too! I’m super into instagram these days as I really love photography. There you can really keep up to date with what’s going on in my life and Olive’s life too – yes there are a bunch of cute puppy pictures there!



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Waka Waka WINE ft. Pride Mountain Vineyards 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon

Ok, so things are starting to get a little silly over here and I’m ok with that! Hopefully you are too and are enjoying the new format of my videos :-) They are a ton of fun to make….as you can see.

The wine featured in this video is the 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon from Pride Mountain Vineyards. This wine is from Calilfornia’s Napa Valley and Sonoma County. This is because the winery actually sits on both counties with the dividing line running through their vineyards. I think that’s pretty cool and worth noting. This particular bottle is 83% Cab Sauv from Napa and 17% Cab Sauv from Sonoma.

I was able to get this bottle of wine because it’s one of the 17 bottles that the wine collector sent to my office. So this is the 2nd wine featured out of the 17. I have to say, it’s soo sooo soooooo FABULOUS! We absolutely LOVED this wine!

Watch my video for all my thoughts, tasting notes, short story and silly crazy antics!

Please follow my new instagram at WineWithMeDotCa as I have started doing #15sTastings on the fly when I’m out and about in the town. As well, you may just see me goofing off…because for some reason, I think it’s a good idea to film that and share that with you all too (I’m a nut, Yes, I know).

Hope you enjoy!


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Carnivor 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s Wine Wednesday yet again!!! Although it’s still SOBER January, I agreed to do a wine review of this bottle because sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So, the exception has been made (you really needed to twist my arm for this one!) and here I am doing wine review. BUT, I would like to note, it is SOBER January – so to clarify, I was not drunk while filming this review and remained sober before, during and after the video had been filmed. So if you want to point out a very obvious ‘loop-hole’…there you have it! I can consume wine, but just not get ‘drunk’. As long as I remain ‘SOBER’, we’re all good! I love loop-holes!

The wine that is featured in this very special wine review is, Carnivor 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from California

The appearance of the wine is a deep, thick, velvety garnet/deep purple color. On the nose I get cherries and black currents. The palate it has a lot of rich ripe berries, soft silky tannins, light cherries and black currents. I found it quite elegant on the palate which I feel is a bit of a contradiction because the wine itself is called ‘Carnivor’. I thought this was a great wine that's easy drinking on it's own as well as paired with food. An obvious food pairing for this baby would be beef! But I think it would go quite nicely with some cheese as well. 

Overall, my boyfriend and I both really enjoyed this wine and would buy it in the future. You can find this wine at BC Liquor Stores for about $17.99 and I'm guessing some of the private liquor stores as well. If you have tried this or plan to, please let me know your thoughts as I’m keen to know what you like as well!



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Holiday Wine Picks for 2013 - How to look like a Wine Superstar!

Just in time for the holidays are my top wine picks! So if you’re going to or hosting a holiday party, I recommend these four bottles of wine. I chose 3 reds and 1 white. I actually hosted a little party and these were the wines that I served.

Watch my video below, or scroll down a bit and you’ll see what I have to say about them as well. (Heck, you should live a little and do both….watch the video AND read my blog…then when you’re done you mine as well share this with all your friends and family too!!!) 

The white wine that I thought would be a great ‘winter holiday white’ is actually a wine I featured in a video awhile back. It’s Astrolabe’s Sauvignon Blanc, you can click here to view that video if you would like: . In my previous video, I feature the 2011 vintage. This holiday video features the 2012 vintage. I found this particular vintage to have more peachy notes and less mineralaity than the previous year. Still reminds me of summer though and its oooohhhhhh so delicious! I’ve had several other Astrolabe wines and have been impressed by all of them. So if you choose another one from this winery instead, you likely will still be quite happy with your selection and so will your guests. I also think that featuring a New Zealand white wine from the Marlborough region is something a little bit different because I do think there are a lot of people who aren’t really aware of how fabulous these wines are – so you’re likely to impress a few folks too (and lets be honest, who doesn’t like impressing others!?). You will be the Wine Superstar at the party in no time!

For the reds, I selected Belle Glos 2012 Meiome, which is a Pinot Noir from California. Now, I know that some of you are thinking…OMG I HATE Pinot’s…but I urge you to try this one and then tell me if you still hate Pinot’s. I do like Pinot’s, but like many, a good Pinot hard to find at times. This one took me about 2 years to find since the previous Pinot I thought was amazing and noteworthy, so with that alone – this is a MUST TRY wine! It’s elegant and traditionally French/Old world in style (I believe it’s also aged in French oak), so it’s got more earthy, spicy notes rather than some of the other fruiter Pinot’s you might find out there.

The second red I chose is the 2012 Felino Malbec by Vina Cabos. This is from Mendoza, Argentina and I chose this one because it seems like EVERYONE these days are into their Malbec’s. Before it was Shiraz, now it’s Malbec’s, so you definitely need at least one Malbec on hand this holiday season and I think this is a great one. Nicely balanced on the palate and not to tannic, so it’s quite friendly for a variety of wine drinkers over the holidays.

Last but not least, I threw in a little 2011 Freakshow – by Michael David Winery. This winery is the same winery that produces 7 Deadly Zins. I’m only pointing that out because it’s a popular wine out there and sometimes we like to know where things are coming from and support what we may already like. Freakshow is Cabernet Sauvignon with some Petite Syrah blended in. I purely chose this wine because of the label and the name. Being the holiday season…sometimes family get together’s can be a little ‘nutty’ to say the least, so I thought a wine named Freakshow might just be appropriate to throw in the mix this holiday season. Turns out that when I tried it, I loved it! So I don’t think you will go wrong with this wine either. It’s a great medium bodied wine that has nice complexity and structure. The bottle of this wine is likely also going to be a conversation piece because it has a lot going on in the label. I would probably leave this bottle out on display for others to view and let your guest’s converse away. Might be a good bottle to help get over any awkward silences around the dinner table, or help fill any brief gaps in discussions with the in-laws. And on side note, if your in-laws don’t like you, you could perhaps point out one of the ‘freaks’ on the bottle and reassure them, that’s not you so you’re not sure what their hang up is. NO, I’m just kidding DON’T say that because that will most definitely be followed by another (and much longer) awkward silence….

With that said, these are the wines I would recommend this holiday season. If you’re looking for another white wine to feature, Joie’s Noble Blend is good. So is Blasted Church’s Hatfield’s Fuse. Or perhaps a Pinot Gris would be a nice alternative option from the Astrolabe’s Sauvignon Blanc.

Whatever wines you do chose, be sure to have lots of fun and laughter this holiday season and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Be save everyone and Happy Holiday’s!







Diary Entry #22 - Canepa Novisimo 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

Yesterday was Wine Wednesday so I thought it was appropriate to do another vlog! Since it has been awhile, I felt a bit rusty and it took far to many takes to finally end up with the one that I'm posting here below...oh well, I never did say I was perfect!

So this wine in the vlog is also by Canepa (the last vlog I did was also a Canepa wine). This one is their 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon. It was actually quite smooth. I found it to be more medium bodied compared to a lot of the big Cabernet Sauvignon's you might typically find out there. This one I found a bit lighter than the 'norm' so that's why I would say it's medium bodied. It has a nice lingering finish with nice fresh berries and plum notes on the pallet.

I think this wine would be a great wine for sharing with friends as I think it's friendly enough for everyone to enjoy. It would be great for the upcoming dinner parties and Christmas parties (yes, I said Christmas and I know it's only November...)

If you have tried this or do try this wine, please let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy the video!


Diary Entry #20 - Craggy Range Te Kahu 2010

Summer has been busy and I've been a bit M.I.A. on my vlog. But I'm happy to announce that I'm BACK! :-) 

This vlog is on Craggy Range's 2010 Te Kahu Proprietary Red blend. It's a blend of 80% merlot, 8% cabernet franc, 8% cabernet sauvignon and 4% malbec. Craggy Range is located in the Hawkes Bay wine region in New Zealand. This particualr wine comes from their Gimblett Gravels Vineyard - which is a special terrior located in Hawkes Bay. This area is known to produce very good bordeaux style wines. 

Craggy Range is a family owned winery specializing their production in single vineyard wines. TE KAHU means the 'cloak' and refers to the mist that covers the hills around Craggy Range's Giants winery. The Maori people believe this 'cloak' covered the mythical maidan when she visited her lover Te Meta (fallen giant). 

What I think is another cool thing about this winery is that it has to stay in the family. Terry Peabody started Craggy Range to carry the legacy of his family. I wish my dad owned a winery!!! I think that's pretty cool! 

Anyways, here is the video! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Diary Entry #14 - Episode 13 - Preston's Part 2 - Deja Vu Cab Sauv. paired with POUTINE!

So here is Part 2 of Cubby's and my experience at Preston's here in Vancouver's Coal Harbour. I'm excited to share this one because it features one of my favourite food dishes ever...yup, you guessed it...POUTINE! I also want to point out that it has been a goal of mine to find a wine that pairs perfectly with poutine. I think I have found a very ideal match! Check out the video and blog below:

I like to think I have a minor poutine addiction but Cubby feels it's major...*sigh, what can I say...I do LOVE poutine :-) So since Preston's not only has their 'Prestons Poutine' for $8 on their menu and wine...I had to see if we could find a match! This was the opportunity I've been waiting for for so long! - Marrying my two loves together (I'm talking about wine and poutine just in case you're wondering).

The wine we decide to try with the poutine is the 2010 Deja Vu Cabernet Sauvignon from California. On the nose we got some nice earth and fruit. I thought it smelt like a Cab Sauv (Oh yea, I'm such a pro! LOL) On the pallet there were hints of eucalyptus and medicinal qualities. Now I know that perhaps that sounds weird and maybe something you don't want when you're tasting wine...but I'm telling you now, do not be scared! It's good! 

This poutine comes with authentic Quebec cheese curds and is topped with their homemade Rickards Red gravy. You can also mix things up a bit and add pulled pork for $4. We decided to go crazy and get some pulled pork on the side. Now I'm typically a fan of just the traditional poutine - fries, gravy and cheese curds. Nothing else. Poutine is perfect all on its own. But, I must say, I learnt that sometimes it's good to try something different. I was quite impressed with the pulled pork as an addition to this already fine dish. So if you're a meat-eater, I would definitely hit up this dish with some pulled pork. (You can have them bring it on the side if you're wary of committing the whole dish to be mixed with pulled pork). If you watch the video, you see that bite that Cubby took where it looked like his eye's rolled back in his head and appeared to almost cry...well that was because of the pulled pork along with the poutine. Ya it was delish! 

I hope you enjoyed the video and perhaps check out Preston's for yourself. Oh and on a side note 'disclaimer', Preston's did comp some of our food but even though they did that, our opinions of the food are 100% honest and if something sucks, I would say it (it just so happens we had an awesome time as I think you can tell from the video). And on that note, I do recall thinking more cheese curds should be added to this dish, not a ton more, just a few. That's kinda my only '2 cents' in that department. 

Stay tuned for the next will be posted soon!


Diary Entry #12 - Episode #11 - Wolf Blass Yellow Label 2010, Cabernet Sauvignon

So, I thought I would review a wine that first started my love of vino! Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was my favorite about 10 or 11 years ago. Since then, I realized there were lots of other great wines to try I've moved on and so it's actually been about 9 or so years since I've actually had this wine. Since it's been so long, I decided it was time to give it another taste and see if it's still good.

I also wanted to mention that when I first started buying this wine over 10 years ago, it was less than $10/bottle. It's now $17.99.... not happy that's it's almost doubled in price over they years! I personally prefer to buy wines that made in smaller production and do find the 'mass production' of this wine a little unappealing, but needless to say, I thought I would check out this wine anyways :-)

Check out my review below! 

Since this is such a popular wine, I'm sure you have tasted it yourself. Please let me know what you think of it and if you enjoyed it (or not). I'm always interested in hearing what you're opinions on the wines that I review are. So please leave your comments below!

Hope you're all well and stay tuned for more reviews and wine adventures to come!

:-) xx.h