Diary Entry #13 - Episode #12 - At 'Prestons' with Cubby from Fragrance Talk

Cubby and I recently went to Preston's in Coal Harbour here in Vancouver. We drank a bunch of wine and ate a bunch of food! First on the menu was Quails Gate's 2010 Gewurztraminer paired with prawn gyoza and seared is the clip below! I'll be posting more clips for each dish and wine we had. The food at Preston's is fantastic and we really enjoyed our experience.

We started off with the wine (of course!) and we really liked it. I've always been a huge fan of Quails Gate wines and on a side note, if you like desert wines, you should try the Quails Gate Optima (100% Botrytis Affected) as it's one of my favourites! Ok, now back to the gewurztraminer, on the nose we both got some stone and minerality. Cubby felt that it's smelt 'breezy' which I thought was a cool interpretation of what he was smelling on the nose. He always brings in fragrance terms to our wine tasting and I love it! I never would have come up with 'breezy' but after he said it, I totally agreed!

Upon our first sip, we loved it. Cubby thought it was one of the best white wines he's had. For me, it reaffirmed my love for Quails Gate wines. I've actually been to their winery in Kelowna and it's beautiful (check it out if you go to Kelowna and go to their tasting room!!!). This wine was very soft, sweet and juicy with a nice dry finish. It was a very refreshing and thirst quenching wine (keep this in mind for patio season that is just around the corner!!). 

After a couple sips of the wine, our first dish arrived! The prawn gyoza and seared scallops! You can find this on their starters menu for $8, which I think is a great price for what you get. There are 4 gyoza's and 4 scallops (so nice even numbers for sharing which always makes things easier!). Our first bite was the scallops! They were cooked perfectly! Not under cooked and not over cooked, I thought they were just right. I think on top there were pea shoots/sprouts (I'm not sure...I'm no expert!) and they went so well with the scallop as they were a nice light refreshing flavour that complimented the scallops. As well, there was a miso gravy/dressing that was also light and helped to perfectly flavour the dish. After the first bite, we took a sip of the wine to see if it paired well and it did! The great wine flavours were enhanced and was just perfect with the dish.

Now it was time for a prawn gyoza, which also impressed us. My favourite if I had to choose was the scallop over the prawn, but I think that is because I love scallops! For $8, this dish is totally worth it!

So needless to say, this first wine and food pairing really impressed us. Both the wine on its own and the dish on it's own was great but together we thought it was a really awesome pairing. So go check it out and try it for yourself! 

This was just the first course...stay tuned for the next course!!! I'm excited to share that one with you because I got to marry my two and POUTINE!!!! Oh yah, you know you want to stay tuned for THAT!