Diary Entry #30 - Atteca 2010 Old Vines Garnacha & Halloween

Dear Diary,

Today is April 3, 2013. Happy Wine Wednesday! I hope everyone had a great long weekend that just passed. I know I sure did. It’s practically summer here in Vancouver so it was nice to go out biking along the seawall and hang out at the beach. I also went to Vancouver Island and hung out in Victoria for the day and saw 2 orca whales when I was at the beach. I’ve never see wild whales before so it was pretty cool!  

Today I’m going to share with you Atteca 2010 Old Vines Garnacha. So there are a couple cool things about this wine that I wanted to share. First of all, the grape varietal is 100% ‘Garnacha’, some of you may have heard of the grape Grenache before, well it’s the same grape as this, but in Spain (where this wine is from) it’s called Garnacha. Other areas you may see this grape from but called Grenache is from France. Some will say the origins of this grape is from France but there are also a lot of people who would say this grape originates from NE Spain. 

The really cool thing about this wine is that the vines that this juice comes from are 80-100 years old. Which is pretty unheard of. Many of the vines across Europe and especially in France were killed by Phylloxera - which is an aphid like bug that attacks the grape vines roots and leaves. So because of this outbreak of phylloxera in Europe, it’s rare to see old vines like these. However, Spain was one of the more lucky countries and so it’s not uncommon to see old vines coming from Spain as they were not hit with this bug (Phylloxera) as bad as other parts of Europe.  

The vines that this wine comes from are located 3000 ft above sea level and are located in poor gravelly slate soils. When it comes to vines, you actually want to them to be planted in poor soil conditions because this makes the roots work harder to produce good fruit. They have to dig deeper into the soil to find the nutrients and in the end, the fruit produced is actually better quality and more complex fruit. 

The color of this wine is a nice deep reddish brown color. On the nose I get ripe dark fruit like black cherry (darker and riper smelling than bright red cherries) & prunes. On the palate I taste dried prunes & raisins, very ripe tasting, very smooth and not very tannic at all.

This is strangely reminding me of Halloween and going trick or treating as a kid and getting those boxes of sunripe raisins….you know, those little red boxes of raisins that the boring houses would give out for Halloween instead of delicious candy?! I was always disappointed in the raisins…however, the raisin taste in this wine is quite lovely and I would have much preferred to receive this wine in my trick or treating bag when I was a kid ;-) There is some nice cherry notes to this wine as well. Lots of big flavour, not tannic at all – little to none. Has a nice complexity to it…perhaps that’s the old vines influence here. It’s very rich tasting. 

Oh and as an FYI – This bottle of wines alcohol content is 15%….so be careful as it may just kick you in the ass if you’re not…or perhaps that’s what you would like. But I just thought I should share that little tidbit for you too.

Thanks so much for watching and, as always, may the beauty you love be what you do! 


Diary Entry #15 - Episode 14 - Perrin & Fils 2007 Vacqueryas

It's been too long since I've done a wine review and so I thought it was time! Life has been super busy and it's been keeping me from posting anything new lately. But alas, I found some time this long weekend to consume some wine, vlog and post :-) 

This wine is Perrin & Fils 2007 Vacqueryas. It's from the Rhone region in France and it's 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah. Perrin & Fils became AOC in 1990 so they are known for good consistent wines as not all wines receive the AOC designation. But with that said and the higher expectations I had for this wine, I wasn't totally impressed. It was too tannic for me and in the end it just didn't sit nicely on my palette. 

I would like to mention that I've decided that I'm going to stick with my rating system that I came up with a few months a nutshell it's:

Forgettable - Meaning this wine sucks and I won't be drinking or buying it again

Memorable - Meaning this wine was decent and you should perhaps check it out!

Unforgettable - Meaning this wine is awesome and you need to go buy a bottle of it now as it's absolutely delicious and worth the money!

I initially found this wine that I reviewed this week to be memorable. Like I said, it was a lot more tannic than I like and maybe it just needed some food. But on it's own, I wasn't a big fan. After I did my review I had a couple friends over and they weren't fans of it either. So with that said, this wine rating quickly moved to the 'forgettable' category. I don't think I'll be buying this one anytime soon. But perhaps it was an off year. So maybe another vintage might be worth a shot. 

If you've had this wine (this vintage or another) please let me know your thoughts. Did you have it with food? I think food would make it maybe thats where we went wrong when we were drinking it. I like to think that if it's a good wine, you can have it solo or with food. So with that said...if you do try this one, make sure you have some food on hand! The label suggests roast and grilled red meats, all spicy dishes and strong cheeses...So give it a go and let me know what you think!

I hope everyone has had a great long weekend and I'll be posting more vlogs soon!


Diary Entry 13 - Episode 12 - St. Hallett Gamekeeper's 2009 Shiraz Grenache

So I didn't plan on doing a wine review tonight. But I really wanted to have some wine. So I cracked this bottle with the intention of just enjoying it without vlogging about it, but that obviously didn't work. So here is my vlog....

I don't feel like saying to much about this since it wasn't my intention to so I feel like I've already done enough for one night. But check it out, it's a good bottle of wine. I've yet to have a bad bottle from the Barossa in Australia....they make great wines from there. 

More videos to come soon. I'm in the middle of editing a bunch. Cubby and I actually went to Preston's ( here in Vancouver and scored some video reviews on their food and wine. We had a great time and LOVED the food and wine stay tuned for my "Preston's' Vlog Week". The food rocked! Go there if you haven't checked it out yet! 

Ok, short and sweet from me tonight! Hope you guys are having an amazing week and stay tuned for upcoming vlogs! 

Thanks for your love and support!