Diary Entry #7 - Episode #6 - 2009 Villa Ponciago - Beaujolais Villages AC

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Here is my video review and if you feel like reading up more on it, please feel free to read my blog below. 

Being Friday and all, I wanted to come home and have a glass of wine, so I figured I mine as well do a review as well! I decided to pop open a bottle of Beaujoleais-Villages AC. It's a 2009 Villa Ponciago, it retails for about $25 and I bought it at Legacy Liquor store. Because this wine was a Beaujolais Villages AC, I think my expectations were slightly higher...the 'villages' part of the name indicates that it's a more 'superior' quality they the plain jane Beaujolais. Beaujolis-Villages come from the northern region of Beaujolais. This area is known for the granite hills and better quality wines. Technically, Beaujolais is part of Burgundy (where most french Pinot Noir's come from). The grape varietal in beaujolais is Gamay. This grape produces lighter to medium bodies wines that are typically lower in tannins, have medium to high acidity and are know for their red fruit aromas. 

On the nose, this wine has a young light red fruit smell. It is definitely not a ripe red fruit like you might smell in a syrah/shiraz. It smelled like young red cherries and I also got light hits of strawberries. There was also another smell that I couldn't quite put my finger one but perhaps it was the influence of the granite rock in the soil that created this other un-nameable smell! Over all, it was light and young smelling. 


To taste, this one was young fresh red fruit. There was soft tannins and I actually quite liked the silkiness of the tannins. I really liked the light cherry flavours and the soft linger of the tannins. There is a light sourness on the sides of the tongue with a soft silky finish that gently lingers in my mouth.

With that said though, there is nothing about this wine that I think totally stands out. And for $25, I'm not entirely convinced it's worth the money. I reviewed this bottle because I was thinking that this might be a great wine to review before the holidays in hopes it would end up on some dinner tables. I'm looking for something to suggest that would go great with everyone at the dinner table/party...but I'm going to be honest, my verdict is out (I know, I kind of flip flopped in my video review) and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect dinner red wine for the holiday season. 

If you like Beaujolais, give this one a try. But I wouldn't be rushing anywhere to grab it off the shelf (sorry Legacy Liquor but I know there are other amazing and fantastic wines you carry instead of this one).

Ok, that's enough for this review...I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I will be back soon with my next wine review! 

In the meantime, my question for YOU is: Have you had an amazing Beaujolais that you would recommend for the holiday season?!