Bikini pool drinking time in Mexico!

So this is a little silly random video posting I thought I would share with you from my trip last month to Mexico. Yes, I am a bit tipsy in this video (as one should be when they are at an all inclusive resort in Mexico). Yes, I say some silly things. Yes, I had an incredible time. Yes, I wish I was back there now...

As per my usual videos, they involve wine. This video involves no wine but I thought it might be fun to share anyways. I'll be back to posting my usual wine videos soon enough but for now, I hope you enjoy this one!

We stayed at a resort called Grand Sunset Princess by Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. It was a great resort and would totally stay there again. Lots of food, lots of drinks (as you can tell by my video) and lots of beach time and relaxing by the pool. 


Thanks for watching! 


~May the beauty you love be what you do~