Vancouver Internationl Wine Festival 2014

I'm not sure if I shared with you that I love champagne, but I do. So, at this years Vancouver International Wine Festival, I was so excited when I heard that France was the featured country! I knew that would mean there was going to be lots of great champagne for me to taste! And I did!

I essentially spent 3 days wandering around the French section of the tasting room drinking champagne (okay - I might be exaggerating a bit). If you are following my twitter and instagram you would have seen all my posts and little videos I featured while attending the festival. (Hint: check them out by clicking on the links provided in the previous sentence!) Shameless self promotion, I know but I am looking for more followers so you can't fault me for asking.

This video features two of the champagnes I tasted. Baron de Rothchild and Champagne Lanson. *Note: It was my first time doing little interviews on the spot at a tasting so forgive me if I didn't follow proper 'interviewing protocol' ;-) I've already forgiven myself because I had so much fun!

My next video posting is going to be from my trip to Mexico. Yes I was a little intoxicated. Yes, I was drinking at the pool bar. Yes, it's a lot of fun. Yes, I was wearing a bikini. Yes, I wish I was still in Mexico. Yes, you should come back to my website next week and watch it. :-)

Hope you are doing fabulous and drinking some amazing wine!



~ May the beauty you love be what you do ~