Carnivor 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s Wine Wednesday yet again!!! Although it’s still SOBER January, I agreed to do a wine review of this bottle because sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So, the exception has been made (you really needed to twist my arm for this one!) and here I am doing wine review. BUT, I would like to note, it is SOBER January – so to clarify, I was not drunk while filming this review and remained sober before, during and after the video had been filmed. So if you want to point out a very obvious ‘loop-hole’…there you have it! I can consume wine, but just not get ‘drunk’. As long as I remain ‘SOBER’, we’re all good! I love loop-holes!

The wine that is featured in this very special wine review is, Carnivor 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from California

The appearance of the wine is a deep, thick, velvety garnet/deep purple color. On the nose I get cherries and black currents. The palate it has a lot of rich ripe berries, soft silky tannins, light cherries and black currents. I found it quite elegant on the palate which I feel is a bit of a contradiction because the wine itself is called ‘Carnivor’. I thought this was a great wine that's easy drinking on it's own as well as paired with food. An obvious food pairing for this baby would be beef! But I think it would go quite nicely with some cheese as well. 

Overall, my boyfriend and I both really enjoyed this wine and would buy it in the future. You can find this wine at BC Liquor Stores for about $17.99 and I'm guessing some of the private liquor stores as well. If you have tried this or plan to, please let me know your thoughts as I’m keen to know what you like as well!



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