Diary Entry #27 - Stemless Wine Glasses SUCK & Catena Malbec 2010 ROCKS!

This wine is 100% Malbec grape and it comes from a region in Argentina called Mendoza. Mendoza is a very well known region and is know for producing good quality Malbec’s. Often times when I’m craving a Malbec, I will choose one from the Mendoza region because it is so well known. So that could be a good dinner party tip for you – Malbec’s from Mendoza are a good bet!

This wine has a nice bright cherry red color, it's very vibrant and lively color to it. On the nose I get a lot of black cherries, prunes and I know this will sounds odd but I get this soda pop type smell, like a strawberry soda pop image in my head. It kind of reminds me of being a kid and eating candies. I don't care if that sounds totally unprofessional or random of me, that's what I get and I'm a firm believer in staying true to whatever senses wine inspires you to have. 

Before I carry on, I must say...if you haven't already noticed but I am using a stemless wine glass, and I HATE stemless wine glasses. Why you ask? Well, a couple reasons. Firstly, wine glasses have a stem for a very good reason. That reason is because you are suppose to hold on to the wine from the stem and not the glass, this is to ensure that your body heat does not affect the wine temperature. The temperature of wine is very important to the taste of the wine. So holding the wine glass by the glass portion instead of the stem, will not be helpful in maintaining the proper temperature for tasting the wine. Does this sound a bit 'wine snob' of me? Perhaps a bit, but if I'm going to spend some decent money on a good bottle of wine, I want to enjoy it at the ideal temperature. Secondly, if you hold it by the glass you're going to get nasty finger prints all over the glass, which are gross and look awful after awhile. For some reason, wine glasses show more finger prints on them then say a highball glass...and when they do, I find it rather unsightly and find it takes away from the delicate wine experinece and I think just looks dirty (and not the good kind of 'dirty' - yes there can be a good kind!). Ok, yes, I know...wine snob. But that's pretty much as 'wine snob' as I get. Aside from calling all sparking wine 'champagne' when it's not (another pet peeve of mine). That's (at this point anyways) as 'snobby' as I'll get. 

Ok, now that I've had my 'I hate stemless wine glasses' rant, we can carry on with the tasting of the wine and move on to the swirl and sip. You don't have to swirl the wine before sipping but it's something that I like to do anyways. Since half of tasting is the smell, I still like to open up (release all the aromoas and subtleties) the wine by swirling it prior to sipping. 

This is a nice medium bodied wine, vibrant cherries that explode in my mouth. Very flavorful, elegant and smooth. There are not a lot fo tannins (that grippy feeling you can get in your mouth and gums). It's very soft and silky.

For over 4 generations, the Catena family has passed on their wine making skills from father to son and now from father to daughter. This is actually an Italian family that came to Argentina in 1898. The forefather, Nicola Catena believed Mendoza to be the promise land and planted the first Malbec vines in 1902.

It really is hard to tell a family’s story that spans over 100 years in a few minutes but in a very small nutshell The Catena Family story is truly one of taking risks, having faith and inspiration. As well, I believe it’s a story of not being afraid to do something that’s never been done before because of believing in the possibility of achieving something great. In the 1980’s others called Nicolas crazy because he was seeking new areas to plant the Malbec grape up high in the mountains (I believe up to 5000 feet elevation). He did this because he felt that the only way to make a leap in quality would be by pushing the limits of vine cultivation, by taking risks. Even his vineyard manager told him that the vines wouldn’t ripen, but they did. And they produced fabulous wines. Like this bottle right here!

I think there is great wine artistry that has gone into the wines produced by this family, great faith when no one else believed and great results from staying true to their vision, and the vision of their ancestors.

If you’re interested in the full story, please click here http://bit.ly/VOHnA1

So if you’re stuck with what bottle of wine to grab for your valentines day tomorrow, this could be a good one.

I believe that great things can happen when you believe in something and you take a risk and you do something different. It could even be something that hasn't been done before but if you have a passion, belief, imagination and inspiration to make it happen, something amazing can unfold from that. So I encourage you to go for it!

So with that I wanted to leave you with a question – where are you taking risks in your life because you believe in something? I personally want to tell you that I believe in you and your dreams & visions. And I encourage you to share them with me because I am genuinely interested. So please share with me: Where do you make those bold choices in your life because you have a vision?

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May the Beauty you LOVE be what you DO.