Diary Entry #26: Speaking of Gothic People - Wine Men of Gotham 2011 Shiraz

Dear Diary,

Being that yesterday was Wednesday…I figured it was more appropriate to do my vlog then, after all it’s not just Wednesday but ‘Wine Wednesday’. So I’m going to be moving my vlogs so they come out on Wednesday’s rather than Thursday’s. I ran out of time last night to post this actually on Wednesday, but moving forward, it is my goal to get it out on Wednesday evenings here for you.  

The guest this week is Wine Men of Gotham’s 2011 Shiraz. This wine comes from South Australia and the shiraz grapes used in this come from a variety of vineyards and regions.

I think the branding of this wine is pretty cool, unique and eye-catching! I’m sure many of you have seen this bottle already and perhaps have tried it yourself as it does appear on many wine lists and in most liquor stores around Vancouver.

I found this wine to be far lighter in color than I expected. You can see right thru the wine when held against a white surface – this is more of a trait you would find in a Pinot Noir, so I was a bit surprised that this wine didn’t have the deep red garnet color that I would have expected. But there are first for everything! On the nose this wine is spicy! I get a lot of black pepper followed by some fig. On the palette, this very summery and fresh, I get light cherries and unripe plum. Nice tannins and I think this wine is quite drinkable on its own or with food – grilled meats would go nicely.

This wine has a cool story/fable that dates back to early England back in the time of knights, castles and Kings to a town called Gotham. Well the town folk of Gotham had heard that the King was going to be coming through their town. Back then, when a King travels on a road, it then becomes knows as the King’s Highway. Therefore, the road becomes levied and taxes are increased. Obviously, no one likes to pay more taxes, the people of Gotham did not want the King to travel on the road through their town. So they decided to act crazy and as if they all belonged in an insane asylum. The King caught wind that the town of Gotham was full of crazy people, so he decided to take a different route. And because the people of Gotham ‘played the fool’ and saved money on their taxes, they became known as the Wise Men of Gotham. So instead of Wise Men of Gotham, this is WINE Men of Gotham.

I’m not sure what the connection is between Australia and England and if someone out there knows, please fill me in! Nonetheless, it’s a pretty cool story!

If you want to know how I relate to this wine and my personal thoughts…you’ll have to watch the video (if you haven’t already!!) J

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re all well! Please let me know your comments, feedback, what you like/dislike and how I can make this experience better for you. I’m always wanting to improve and I love to hear from you!

And of course – May the beauty you love be what you do! See you next Wine Wednesday!