Diary Entry #14 - Episode 13 - Preston's Part 2 - Deja Vu Cab Sauv. paired with POUTINE!

So here is Part 2 of Cubby's and my experience at Preston's here in Vancouver's Coal Harbour. I'm excited to share this one because it features one of my favourite food dishes ever...yup, you guessed it...POUTINE! I also want to point out that it has been a goal of mine to find a wine that pairs perfectly with poutine. I think I have found a very ideal match! Check out the video and blog below:

I like to think I have a minor poutine addiction but Cubby feels it's major...*sigh, what can I say...I do LOVE poutine :-) So since Preston's not only has their 'Prestons Poutine' for $8 on their menu and wine...I had to see if we could find a match! This was the opportunity I've been waiting for for so long! - Marrying my two loves together (I'm talking about wine and poutine just in case you're wondering).

The wine we decide to try with the poutine is the 2010 Deja Vu Cabernet Sauvignon from California. On the nose we got some nice earth and fruit. I thought it smelt like a Cab Sauv (Oh yea, I'm such a pro! LOL) On the pallet there were hints of eucalyptus and medicinal qualities. Now I know that perhaps that sounds weird and maybe something you don't want when you're tasting wine...but I'm telling you now, do not be scared! It's good! 

This poutine comes with authentic Quebec cheese curds and is topped with their homemade Rickards Red gravy. You can also mix things up a bit and add pulled pork for $4. We decided to go crazy and get some pulled pork on the side. Now I'm typically a fan of just the traditional poutine - fries, gravy and cheese curds. Nothing else. Poutine is perfect all on its own. But, I must say, I learnt that sometimes it's good to try something different. I was quite impressed with the pulled pork as an addition to this already fine dish. So if you're a meat-eater, I would definitely hit up this dish with some pulled pork. (You can have them bring it on the side if you're wary of committing the whole dish to be mixed with pulled pork). If you watch the video, you see that bite that Cubby took where it looked like his eye's rolled back in his head and appeared to almost cry...well that was because of the pulled pork along with the poutine. Ya it was delish! 

I hope you enjoyed the video and perhaps check out Preston's for yourself. Oh and on a side note 'disclaimer', Preston's did comp some of our food but even though they did that, our opinions of the food are 100% honest and if something sucks, I would say it (it just so happens we had an awesome time as I think you can tell from the video). And on that note, I do recall thinking more cheese curds should be added to this dish, not a ton more, just a few. That's kinda my only '2 cents' in that department. 

Stay tuned for the next course....video will be posted soon!