Diary Entry #11 - Episode #10 Tinhorn Creek 2010 Pinot Gris

Hey peeps! I hope all of you have been having a super awesome week and have been enjoying the weekend! This week has been a ton of fun for me as I had 2 wine tastings to go too. The first tasting was Taste of BC. This tasting featured…yup, you guessed it, all BC wines! It was really fun and the wines were (for the most part) really great! There were some that I didn’t like, but fair enough – I can’t like them all! The only downside to this tasting was that it was super crowded and a bigger tasting room would have been nice. But overall, it was a great event and I was impressed by the wines that were featured.


The second tasting I went to was with Cubby. So of course it was a ton of fun! As you know Cubby and I have a lot of fun together! This wine tasting was for a wine club that we go to each month. So it’s been a great wine week for me and I hope all of you have been sipping on some delicious wine this week too!

This week I have decided to review a white wine as the last few have been reds and I feel like I’ve been neglecting the white wines. The wine this week was recommended by a twitter friend (@SandraOldfield) who is actually the winemaker for Tinhorn Creek (and obviously the recommended wine) so I thought I would give it a try since the source of the recommendation was obviously a good one. 

On a side note - I just finished uploading my wine review of Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris 2010…and the whole time I was calling it a Pinot Grigio!!! Sorry Sandra! Ahhhh so frustrating because I can’t redo it now! So please forgive me for saying ‘Grigio’ and not ‘Gris’. With that said, please check out my vlog and just pretend I’m saying Gris :-) 

On the nose I found there to be nice, light soft acid. I also got melon and crisp green apple aromas. On the palette there was fruity apple followed by melon with a beautiful minerality. I loved the minerality of this wine! It just softly lingered in my mouth and it was delicious! I enjoyed how refreshing this wine was and I felt like all the flavours and qualities of the wine were working together and nothing was more over-powering than the next. So yes…as I often say, “This wine is extremely well-balanced!”

As I was sipping it, it really made me feel like I was on a summer patio in August enjoying this refreshing wine and not in the cold January weather that I am actually experiencing. This is what I love about this wine. It was like an escape from winter and I loved it!

If you’re a white wine lover or a Pinot Gris lover then checking out this wine is a MUST! You can grab it at your local BC Liquor store for $17.99 but hurry up because I think they might be in limited supply now. Please share your opinions on this wine if you do try!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and has an awesome upcoming week! Thanks so much for checking out my vlogs and reading my diary! I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am doing them :-)