Diary Entry #1 - Cheap Malbec vs. Cheap Cheap Malbec

Yayyy this is my first entry! Thanks so much for checking it out! For my first video blog I decided that I would do a Malbec tasting with my friend Cubby! Some of you may know Cubby from his fragrance blog (FragranceTalk.com). If you don't know Cubby, then you need to check out his website because he's awesome and so is his site!

The grape variatal that wins "My first ever video wine review" is....MALBEC!!! I decided to taste a couple of Malbec's because I've had a few people lately asking me for a good Malbec recommendation. So, I thought I would try 2 different Malbec's that I've never had before.

The first one I selected was the Dona Paula - Los Cardos 2010 Malbec which retails for $12.99 at BC Liquor Stores. This one I choose because it was a 'cheaper' bottle of wine and it's a easy to find brand. I wanted to see if it was any good because we all like a good bottle of wine that is also friendly to our pocket books!

DonaPaula Los Cardos Front.jpg

The second bottle of wine I chose was Valle - Las Acequias 2006 Malbec which retails for $21.99 at BC Liquor stores. Which is still totally affordable, but just a bit more money than the Dona Paula. 

Valle_LasAcequias Front.jpg

We tasted the Dona Paula - Los Cardos first. This wine is young as it's a 2010 vintage and I thought that it might be a little crappy because as we all know, wine gets better with age! But surprisingly it was a bit better than I thought it was going to be. It is pretty smooth and easy drinking. It's got some heat on the finish which I wasn't a total fan of and that's probably the only thing I didn't like about it. But I have had worse! So for a $12.99 bottle of wine, I think it was good value! I found the nose on this wine to be darker berries, like black current (Cubby could smell the grapes...lol). 

After I drank this wine, I looked at the back label on the bottle. It says and I quote "Los Cardos means The Thistle, flowers know by their intense and surprising vivid colour as well as by their sharp thorns" I thought this description was extremely accurate because of the deep purple colour of the wine, the sweet ripe/dark berry smell aromas and then the smooth palate with the acidic finish. I found I liked the wine better because of this accurate description...I don't know why or if that makes any sense at all...but that's just kind of how I felt.

We then tasted the Valle Las Acequias 2006 Malbec. On the nose this one was much much softer. We both got lots of intense strawberry smells and soft floral aromas too. The strawberry smell reminded me of being in the garden when I was a kid amongst all the rows of strawberries. The colour of this wine was lighter than the Los Cardos - maybe because it's a 2006...but I'm not sure if 5 years would lighten it THAT much. But I just wanted to note that the colour was lighter. Cubby could smell the oak in this wine. This wine was aged in French oak for 6 months. We found this one a lot smoother and easier to drink than the Los Cardos. The flavours also rolled more on the palate than the Los Cardos.

Both of us felt that the winner of this taste test was definitely the Valle Las Acequias! It was definitely worth $21.99! But with that being said, both wines are worth checking out and I hope you do and give me your feedback! 

Ok, THAT's the first wine review! More will be coming soon! Thanks for checking it out!

enjoy :-)


p.s. I said I wasn't going to really write in my blogs...but it turns out I will be after all as apparently it will help increase my google ranking and it will help the 'robots' find my site (lol)....sure hope so! Oh and I also want to be friendly to those who are readers out there in wine lover world ;-)