Holly Emmerson - Owner & Founder

Well the obvious thing about me is that I LOVE WINE. That kind of goes without saying since I felt the need to start a video wine blog/vlog ;-) I also love being in front of the camera so hence the videos you see here on my site. I did a brief stint in acting but perhaps it was my control freak side that decided a vlog was more up my alley so I put my actor’s union status on ‘inactive’ and became a vlogger. With a vlog, I can create whatever content I want and be in control of any creative direction it takes. PERFECT!

Now, on a serious note, I’m really not THAT much of a control freak, I just feel that it’s important to take our destiny into our own hands. As well, having creative freedom is pretty awesome. I think there was a part of me that was pursuing acting so I could find acceptance (a classic fundamental issue for us adopted children out there). Several therapy sessions later and once I learnt to love and accept myself for who I am, I was satisfied and a part of me didn’t feel the need to pursue a career in acting anymore. But Since I am being honest, it’s not like I would turn down an amazing acting role or a chance to host my own wine TV show (which is a goal of mine and I’m currently developing). I do miss acting at times and perhaps one day, I’ll return to that craft.

For now, I’m creating this site to connect Vancouverites and it’s visitors to all things wine in Vancouver and share to my journey in wine…locally and globally. The global wine tasting is on the bucket list for now as I have yet to travel to all the amazing wine regions of this world. But when I do, I will have my video camera in hand and I will share with you. **UPDATE - I've sold my condo in Vancouver, all my possessions and moved to Spain! So perhaps I'll be sharing some wine tastings from different places in Spain and Europe sooner than I thought.***


xx. holly

~ Expert in Loving Wine ~


p.s. I also LOVE Rumi and his quotes. So with that said, my wish for you… “May the beauty you love be what you do”